Friday, July 10, 2015

July Journaling Challenge: Day 8

Journal challenge day 8 is Best Friend. 

Basically, this sums up my relationship with my best friend. You know who you are, miss Katelyn Mathis!! The lucky winner... lol jk. Sorry I took forever to post this but you know how lazy I can get. Now, some of you (or whoever reads my blog) are probably wondering, "why is she her bff¿" WELL HERES WHY: 

• We have known each other since freshman year of high school and were really close! I was her very first public school friend and she was my first high school friend (other than my cousin, she who shall not be named) and we just clicked! We lost in touch Sophomore and made different friends Junior year, but we were still there for each other and we've been friends for 6 years!! (It will be 6 years in August I think lol)

• We both know we're each other's best friend. We both have other friends we hang out with and post pictures with, but her and I have a mutual understanding; like we both have a special place for each other that no one else can replace. 

• We literally won't see each other for a whole month, yet when we do get together, it's not awkward and we're able to just pick up from where we left off (or probably bc we text every single day)

• WE TEXT EVERY SINGLE DAY. About NOTHING. And I love it. We will have the most random conversations!!  But literally, we have texted each other everyday for maybe 2 years?? I'm not exaggerating. 

There are a lot of other reasons why she's my bff but this post is getting too long and I'll have to post journal day 9 and 10 tomorrow!!  

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