Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Journaling Challenge: Day 1

Since it's July, I guess I should go ahead and start this cute 'July Journaling' Challenge. The picture is located on the right side of my page if you would to participate in this challenge!

Day 1 - All About Me: 
Yikes, I don't really like talking about myself... but it's part of this challenge, so I'll have to. :-) Well, I don't even know where to start! I'll just list 10 random facts.
  1. My name is Nadine! It's french and means hope.
  2. I work at a fast food restaurant called Danvers. (It will be 3 years this September)
  3. Recently bought a new car and I'm very proud!
  4. I am Muslim!
  5. Currently fasting for Ramadan.
  6. I don't wear makeup. 
  7. I can be a very awkward person.
  8. I will be a Junior in college this August.
  9. I have anxiety and panic attacks sometimes.
  10. I can't swim!
There you go! Sorry I wasted 10 minutes of you're life. (Not really sorry.)