Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer 2012...?

Oh my goodness... is it really summer already? Time is flying by! May is almost over with, as well! And I'm going to be a senior when the new school year begins. ;) I'm still working at the pretzel twister, but now I'm more familiar with everything and everyone. I'm not exactly good friends with my co-workers (partly because I have nothing in common with any of them) but they're great people! And I get paid tomorrow. Oh yes.

WHICH REMINDS ME. I have extremely sad news. My laptop, that I have had since I was 13, is getting old and slow. I'm in love with this laptop... but it seems like it's time for a new one. Haha, I would really like a Macbook, though.

So... it's summer and all I'm doing is working. All of my friends are either busy with work or on vacation. I wish I was going somewhere this summer! Fingers crossed.