Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long time, no post?

Nothing new has been going on lately, really. Work has gotten much easier, and I realize it could be the easiest job ever... maybe I shouldn't say this. It IS my first job, but it really is quite easy. They're going to teach me how to make the pretzels this Thursday! Pretty exciting, for me at least.

School. US History State Test is coming up, and we haven't gone over a single thing for it. My History teacher is an okay teacher, but he is a bit creepy. There are these times, where he'll just stare at you. It is so weird... and he gets mad over little things. I get scared to even talk to him. I just hope I pass this state test. It will be my last one, and then I'll move on to Senior Projects!

May 13th, going to New Orleans! For a wedding, though. Staying there for about 3 and a half days, I'm guessing? I'm going to live up every moment of it! Finally, I'll be out of Mississippi.. (No offense, MS) but FINALLY! I can't wait! (: