Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hey Spring Break.

Finished exams yesterday! HALLELUJAH. ❤ It is finally spring break! But I'm not doing a single thing. Except for work! Ah, work... I went in Thursday and worked the cash register. It's easy as along as you get the hang of it, but it's complicated for me, because I suck at numbers and money and math. But all in all, Thursday was good. Today was a different story.

My boss wasn't there Thursday, so I was pretty laid back... but he was there today, and I was tense and scared I would mess up. He chewed me out at one point and got extremely pissed off because I messed up at the cash register. I was about to cry, because he was yelling at me! And then he adds, "Since you're new, I won't be too hard and let you off easy." UM, no you weren't letting me off easy, but that's okay, because I was thankful they hired me... I have a feeling I will be fired SOON, though. $7.25 an hour is great. (:

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