Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm ready for a break.

Pretty much spent my weekend hanging at the mall. I went with a group of friends Saturday to the movies to watch Jack and Jill. HILARIOUS. Loved that movie! I recommend it. :) Well, Thanksgiving break is near! After this week of school, I get a week OFF of school. Exciting, yeah? I would like to think so! And since it's the second 9 weeks, we get to be exempt from exams! I don't think I have to take any of my exams... except for Algebra II.

UGH, I hate that class. I'm positive I'm going to fail the exam, as well. I fail every test I take in that class! My teacher is a good teacher... it's just that in Math, you learn so many lessons in a small amount of time and I can never memorize each step in each lesson. In all honesty, my brain doesn't have the capacity for any kind of math. ): and I hate it.


  1. Math was always my toughest subject. It will get better :-)

  2. I hope so. So far, I'm failing the class!