Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

AH, Thanksgiving break. A whole week off of school! It feels great. ;) But school starts up again in 4 days. That's depressing, haha. Oh well, this break was truly amazing! Last Saturday, I went with a group of friends to see Breaking Dawn. HOLY. That movie... it is too great for words. The moral of Breaking Dawn? Don't have sex. You'll get pregnant and Die! [x] JUST KIDDING.

Today, I'm going to eat like a king... uh queen? Whatever, just as long as I get to EAT. NO REGRETS. I'll probably eat so much that I won't be able to see my toes anymore, because my stomach is going to expand from all the food I'm going to devour.

BLACK FRIDAY. Who's going? I am! I'm going with my cousin, woo! I can't wait. I am literally going to shop until I get disgusted of shopping, haha. This will be my second year attending black Friday! Last year, I went to Walmart. I'm going to the mall this year!

Yeah, I'm excited.


  1. An attitude of thanksgiving
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Have a wonderful Day!
    Corner of Heaven

  2. Thanks so much! I hope your Thanksgiving turned out great!

  3. With pleasure, Nadine!:) ... Yes, it was ... I spent with my family and it was great!
    Thanks for visiting my turn that I've made a blog!
    Still an excellent day to have a relaxing weekend!