Friday, September 30, 2011

I can feel the cold weather.

Friday's are the best! But today sucks. Stuck at home with nothing to do! All my friends are going to this party, "Black Out." I didn't want to go (not my kind of thing) and my dad wouldn't let me, but that was fine, because I was SUPPOSE to be going to the fair with a couple of friends... but they lied about something, and we got into this huge argument, and my mom went off on her mom... and now I'm home and bored.

Other than that, I'm doing great. (: The weather was gorgeous today. There was this Health Fair thing today at school and my class went! I got myself checked out: I weigh 106 lbs! I'm 5'4 (pretty tall, right?) and my blood pressure was 106/72, which is really good (or so the nurse says.)


  1. You are underweight! 106/72 is very good. I also don't think you will be getting any taller. ;)

  2. You don't eat fruits or your vegetables yet you are healthy?

  3. haha, thanks so much for your kind comment, Alam.