Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey September.

Time goes by very fast. It's already the second month of school! My classes are great... except for Algebra II. I'm already failing that class. Not so great. I hate math. I loathe it. UGH, I'm so happy I won't need a math class next year, but by the way things are looking, I might have to retake Algebra II my senior year. ):

Wow, senior year is next year for me. I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time, because I wonder how it feels like to be an ADULT. -- "Your not grown until your out on my own." My mom's quote. So basically, she means, "As long as your living under my roof, you follow my rules."
♥ Love you, mom!

The cold weather needs to hurry and get here!


  1. Inshallah you will graduate! Dont you dare forget about me:)

  2. senior year was a great year for me ;)

  3. Hopefully it will be a great year for me as well!