Sunday, May 22, 2011

what time is it? SUMMER TIME!

i apologize for the cheesy title. i couldn't help myself... but it's summer. (: i can't wait to see what fun and exciting things summer 2011 has in store. okay so, here's everything that has been going on ever since school finished up. (i haven't really been home much, haha.)

thursday: my last day of school! about 2 hours later, i went over a friends house and we partied, because we were excited that SCHOOL WAS FINALLY OVER WITH.

friday: went to the mall with friends. had a blasttt! even though plans were changed, nothing brought us down... well, one of my friends was a little upset, haha. driving was the fun part, though. samantha recorded me singing, to grenade by bruno mars, out the window... EMBARRASSING. and i accidently touched her BOOB. but it's okay, 'cause im not gay, tehe. it was funny, though... and i almost ran into a car. nice nadine.

saturday (yesterday): i went to see off a really close friend of mine. we went out to eat at sonic (VERY CLASSY) lolol... but i hate her, because she's going to FLORIDA... ugh.

and today im gonna chill at home, but tomorrow, im getting feathers in my hair. (: im excited.

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