Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the weather was bipolar today.

today was a crazy day. tornado warnings. state test. HUNGER PANGS. i was so hungry. but serena and meridan fixed that for me. :) i love them. hung out with samantha, kadie, and this really nice girl i had met after school today... guess where? in the bathroom. because of a tornado warning! it sucked. but it was fun! kadie was acting funny, making us laugh, and samantha was being slow. THE USUAL.

talking to samantha right now. im gonna be so upset when she graduates. leaving me behind. sad face. :( ugh, overall, today was crazy, but in a good way. this morning, meridan and i talked just like old times. serena, miranda, and i like eating peppermints. WINK. samantha thinks im obsessed with jesus now, hahaha. "IT'S A SIGN FROM JESUS." :D i love them alllll. OH and i can't forget about my cousin, yasmine. she's family!


  1. I do my best to make people laugh, ha but i was getting some looks about eating in the bathroom. I mean them people acted like they have never seen someone eating in a bathroom before. hahaha. and something else i don't think i will every go in one of those bathrooms again. And it was so hot in there. Well that's all im going to say i guess. BYE!!:)

  2. hahaha, your lovely kadie. I LOVE YOUUUUUU. so much. <3 and just ignore them! they're jealous cause they got no food and you did!