Friday, March 25, 2011

WANTED: samantha douglas

"trying to poison me with that bread?" -Samantha

so, im just sitting in class, and all of a sudden samantha hits me! SHE'S AN ABUSER. i have bruises all over my left arm now because she kept slapping me with a baby book. psycho. i just pulled her hair. (: aha, i hope she doesn't attack me with another book... but i love her anyways. when we grow up, she's gonna be my freaky roommate who's obsessed with my hands... creepy.


  1. nobody commented on this so here i am. commenting.

  2. i did comment but exited out before i actually put it on here haha but i said that im not an abuser u r the abuser!! u hit me all the time haha but i did hit u with the book but u hit me too!!! & we gone grow old together haha

  3. hahahahaha, i can't wait till tomorrow. (: