Friday, February 4, 2011

rain again? urgh.

it's raining again today. it's been raining almost all week, except for wednesday and thursday. today's friday, obviously, and im going out to the movies with my bffutwe, lauren. (: im so excited!

yesterday, i was going crazy because i wanted to take pictures. really bad! so i kept telling all my friends, "we're taking pictures today!" over and over again, haha. i think they got annoyed. but it's okay, because we took a lot of really pretty pictures.

i love kadie vance. just saying.

UPDATE: 2/5/11
went to the movies with kadie and lauren. (:


  1. gross picture.... of me. i love it of you because of yo SUPER STRAIGHT hairrr. its soo prettyyy. and i thoughtt you were goin to the movies with kadieee??? welpp, you need to find out forsure about sundayy!! amber mayy come too.

  2. kadie doesn't have any money! and you look gorgeous in this, katelyn. <3 yay, amber's coming! haha, okay, i'll ask my dad.

  3. hahahah idk if i'm going and i'm not upset hahahah!!!!!!

  4. hahahaha i'm not mad at you or anyone hahaha!!!!!!!